ASP.NET - server 404 error when integrate ckfinder to ckeditor

Asked By mani on 25-Jan-12 01:11 AM
hi..i am integrating ckfinder to ckeditor to implement fileupload path my ckeditor..

<CKEditor:CKEditorControl ID="CKEditor1" runat="server" Height="300" Width="600">

i did all  instructions to integrate...
but i am getting server 404 error in ckfinder in following line

<CKFinder:FileBrowser ID="FileBrowser1" BasePath="/ckfinder/" Width="800" runat="server"></CKFinder:FileBrowser>

smr replied to mani on 25-Jan-12 01:13 AM

For example, on the server I have an Update folder that is protected, thus I had to place the folders as follows: Update\ckeditor and Update\ckfinder

I originally wanted to place ckeditor 1 level above and only have ckfinder in the Update folder to prevent unauthorized users from being able to a update files and images.

The bottom line is that I followed the documentation, although I should have been able to use the original structure and make the appropriate folder references, which by the way, works for other versions of ckfinder
mani replied to smr on 25-Jan-12 01:18 AM
hi already i refered this solution but i have both ckeditor and ckfinder are in same lever path...??
D Company replied to mani on 25-Jan-12 01:48 AM
Hello Friend,

here is one important post  i have found

When displaying images/files using relative urls and config.baseHref, everytime you  switch to wysiwyg mode there is a call made to the images/files using only the relative url and totally ignoring the baseHref. Obviously this fails into a 404 (or some other error code depending on the environnement).

The images/files is still displayed, but there is also this unnecessary 404 call.

Please note also that if you're testing this on local static files (i mean something like C:/some_directories/mypage.html) the call won't show up on Firebug, you will need to run it on a server like wamp.

You can reproduce it easily on the online demo with Firebug :

  • go to
  • go to source mode
  • remove all source and paste only the following :
     <img src="logo3w.png"/> 
  • type in Firebug console :
    CKEDITOR.instances.editor1.config.baseHref = ''; 
  • clear all firebug console and network panel
  • hit the wysiwyg mode

you should see the Google logo, and a 404 showing up in both console et network panels.

located the where the call is made, it's in plugins/htmldataprocessor/plugin.js, in the toHtml function

Hope this will help you!!
Jitendra Faye replied to mani on 25-Jan-12 02:59 AM
This is because of basepath , first check that given path is present or not.

check in complete path.