Lounge - A new kind of non-break point - Asked By Henry Taylor on 27-Jan-12 12:14 PM

Have you ever commented a line of code during testing such as one that sends emails so unnecessary stuff doesn't happen and then FORGOT to un-comment it and send it to Production? Doh! No emails! Major malfunction.

Why not have a new feature in the IDE that allows a programmer to set a un-break point that signals the IDE to ignore that line/s during execution while being run from the IDE?

Compiling ignores such a "non-break point" so forgetting it has no impact.

What do you think?

Wouldn't that be accomplished with this? - Robbe Morris replied to Henry Taylor on 27-Jan-12 12:31 PM

Henry Taylor replied to Robbe Morris on 27-Jan-12 02:17 PM

All I am saying is it would be simpler to just right-click on the left bar where we now click to set a break point and a pop-up provides a list of actions one of which would be a "skip line" choice