ASP.NET - crystal report prolem.. - Asked By sunil pandey on 29-Jan-12 02:51 AM

hi all

is it any properties to make a no unique in cr.

1        a
2        b
1        a

i want to restrict repitation of ..a
D Company replied to sunil pandey on 29-Jan-12 03:18 AM
hello sunil,

there is a setting in crystal report to remove duplicate records or remove duplicate field items.

give a try to this.

If you want to format the report so that duplicated values are not repeated down the page, use the field formatting option. If it is in the Details section, you can:

  1. Right click on the field, and select the “Format Field” menu.

  2. Tick the Box that says: Suppress if duplicated

If it is in the Group Header section, you need to use Conditional Suppress: Click on the X-2 button beside the Suppress option on the Object Formatting and enter a formula of

{table.field} = Previous({table.field}).

If it is in the Group Footer section, sadly this same logic does not work. We will need a formula with variables to apply this to the group footer.

hope this helps you!!
Riley K replied to sunil pandey on 29-Jan-12 04:25 AM

If you populating from a database then you could simply using the DISTINCT keword in your query

if all depends on your query


kalpana aparnathi replied to sunil pandey on 29-Jan-12 04:28 AM
use this query in crystal report:

FROM Employees
Anoop S replied to sunil pandey on 29-Jan-12 05:00 AM
1. Open or create a report to report.
2. Field Explorer, right-click "Running Total Fieids" - New

3. Configuration.
3.1 Select Field to set (number 1).
3.2 Click to select Custom Field values (number 2).
3.3 Select "Type of summary" to set (number 3).
3.4 Set "Evaluate"  (number 4).
3.5 Set "Reset" (number 5).
3.6 Click OK.
4. Drag the Field to the area to the report.

5. Testing program will work as needed.