Microsoft Excel - Arranging Schedule Automatically

Asked By Rajender Prasad on 30-Jan-12 11:48 PM
Dear All,

Pls advice, can we prepare an excel sheet where I can staff the people for a 24X7 project in the follwing manner.

1. We need to select the no.of emp from 29
2. Working days should be 5, after each working days 5, there would be an weekoff.
3. In Shift1 = 4, Shift2= 3 and Shift3= 4, if we consider 13 emp from 29, remaning can be fallin weekoffs
4. For a month, max offs should be 8, max 9.

Is this possible in automated way.

Venkat K replied to Rajender Prasad on 31-Jan-12 12:36 AM
Definitely you can do it, please look into this link which has a pre-defined template for employee payroll calculator which may give some idea to start with:

Donald Ross replied to Rajender Prasad on 31-Jan-12 11:44 PM

Yes you can use excel to create a schedule.   As for your question about having it select from 29 people and randomly generate days on, and days off with a max of 8 or 9 days off?  we might even be able to get excel to do that but I think simply creating a schedule your self where you can adjust it to people's personal request or needs would be better.

Since this is a 24 hour project and a 7 day a week program.
I have created a very simple schedule for you to look at.

Things you did not specify in your question.
How long is a shift.?  I would be assuming 8 hours due to the 3 shifts and 5 day work week
When is the shift change.?  Normally day shift around 6am, 2pm, 10PM
so I hope this helps you