SQL Server - Needs Checkpoints information - Asked By prathap chowdary on 01-Feb-12 02:49 AM


what checkpoints and how it works .......is there any need to run as a daily basis on sql server or automatically performs sql server.

As of my knowledge........checkpoint means-write all dirty pages or data pages from database to disk after modifications change in logs.

Please anyone help........

Thanks advance....
Reena Jain replied to prathap chowdary on 01-Feb-12 03:11 AM

As I know Checkpoint just writes dirty pages to disk, not at all the same thing.
Checkpoint is different and independent to commit/rollback.

This article demonstrates "http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/cc966500.aspx" (still Ok for SQL Server 2005 etc).

  • You can checkpoint and write to disk but subsequently rollback

  • The BEGIN/COMMIT is nothing to do with recovery model (full, simple, bulk logged). The TXN must either complete or fail as one.

  • In case of, say power failure, the data may on disk because of a CHECKPOINT but uncommitted so is rolled back as part of the database startup.

check this for more

prathap chowdary replied to Reena Jain on 01-Feb-12 03:19 AM
hi Reena thanks,

I had already read that MSDN forums but i not able to under standing......is it necessary to run the check points as daily or when checkpoint are usefull.......

Please help out me......