ASP.NET - Error When we Open aspx page It open into Notepad

Asked By ALOK RANJAN on 01-Feb-12 06:23 AM
Hi .......Everyone 

                              I have Scenario that When we open .aspx page  from Visual Studio IDE it open into notepad file 
                              why is it happening so?
                              Please reply me as soon as possible.....

Thanks & Best Regards

dipa ahuja replied to ALOK RANJAN on 01-Feb-12 06:27 AM
Right click on the aspx page and click on "Open with.."  from that choose the opiton => Web Form Editor
D Company replied to ALOK RANJAN on 01-Feb-12 06:29 AM
Hello Alok,

there is problem in your filesystem so that either the bits of file is unreadable, or the file pointer points to invalid location and lost.

If you haven't tried to find an automatically backup-ed copy from the "Previous versions", I highly recommand you to try finding it now. Typically shadow copy feature will only keeps verions 2-3 days depending to the free space left on your filesystem.

take a backup of original delete it and copy the code in new and open.

Let me know if u r still facing same problem.

ALOK RANJAN replied to ALOK RANJAN on 01-Feb-12 06:38 AM
Hi Mam........
                   That Property (web form editor) already selected   and  emp.aspx page open into (web form editor)  

 but when we try to open emp.cs it open into  Notepad file and it also by default selected in c# Editor

So Please reply me carefully ..
Reena Jain replied to ALOK RANJAN on 01-Feb-12 06:39 AM

The easiest way to open an ASPX file is to double-click on it and let your PC decide which default application should open the file. If no program opens the ASPX file then you probably don't have an application installed that can view and/or edit ASPX files.