Lounge - New Abuse button - Asked By Robbe Morris on 02-Feb-12 08:14 AM

Use it when you think someone has committed "serious" plagiarism or some moron has posted spam.  We'll be sent the url for review and possible deletion.  Thanks for your help in cleaning up the problem of contest participants just simply searching google and copy/paste anything that shows up.  For those of you that do this, at least change variable names and various other things to make the snippet unique.  Just copying content to EggHeadCafe actually hurts the site and also hurts the site you took it from.  We want to avoid both.
dipa ahuja replied to Robbe Morris on 02-Feb-12 08:49 AM
This is one of the good step you have taken for those who are not participating honestly and who just copy paste the content from other sites. 

Thanks !