C# .NET - shutdown or unplug charge for msi laptop on windows 7?

Asked By sara asa on 03-Feb-12 11:01 AM
my mom has a msi laptop that install windows 7 on it.she sometimes uses anti filter program on her system. that    it would get  alot time to be load .she is alil lazy. i mean she always prefer to unplug charge battery than done  shut down. i mean she never do shut down cause of that anti filter prgram to be load soon.she said cause on the morning  when she wanna use again her laptop,all her software  including windows and that anti filter  are already open and she doesn't need  to be wait for loading  programs and we check it and notice all cpu and her hardware are turn off either..now i wanna get sure should we let her  just unplug  her system without shutdown or not?i guess she doesn't care to  her batterly life cause all of us know after some years it get shorter except that, does it really hurt to her system or not?espesially hardware stuff!
D Company replied to sara asa on 03-Feb-12 11:35 AM
Hello Sara,

Every laptop come with its manual, which gives you all the caution that you should consider while using your laptop.you can check it. as far as my suggestion is concern let her do that it will not make much impact on anything.

Machines are made for men,men are not made for Machines.:)
dipa ahuja replied to sara asa on 03-Feb-12 12:30 PM
If you want to increase the better life then whenever you have power to plug then better to run your laptop with the electricity and remove the laptop battery.

But if you have electricity problem then you must run it with the battery.

Make sure you un plug the power plug when battery get full charged.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to sara asa on 03-Feb-12 12:33 PM
This does not hurt the battery. But it does affect the hardware of the laptop. 

The hardware are sensitive to micro-voltages and spikes. Removing a battery while a machine in powered is not good at all. The hardware gets issues with this. And also, your operating system files get corrupted and what not - when you do not shutdown. 

Buy your mom a batter saver guide - or tell her the laptop wouldn't wake up one day if she continues doing so. 

P.S: Long live your mom and the battery of your mom's laptop.
sara asa replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 03-Feb-12 01:36 PM
Thank you.