Microsoft Excel - Need a combo box for Date - Asked By shekhar on 06-Feb-12 12:13 AM


Please find attached a sample file. LE

I am looking for the following two changes.
  1. In the form in the Date feild i want to show that as a list of months like Jan,Feb etc. How to edit the VBE code for this?
       2. How do i overwrite a record that i entered. I mean i want to change the Amount field with other three fields being same in the form.   Now it creates a new record and old data is still there. What do i need to change in the code.

Example: I want to overwrite the amount here.
      Name    Company  Month Amount     
     Shekhar ABC Ltd  Feb     10000

I can change the code with some trial & error method but cannot create that on my own. I have copied it from a exisitng file and changed to suit my requirements.



Donald Ross replied to shekhar on 06-Feb-12 12:12 PM

Hello I would think that if you are going to be able to delete an entry with your form you will need to asign your entrys with an ID of some sort that makes it unique like 001, 002, 003

and add a command button to your form to delete an entry based on that unique ID.

Microsoft Access has templates for address books and forms where they add and delete rocords you may be able to look at one of those and reverse engineer the code from one of those to fit your needs or hope some one smarter than me can help.  just an idea