SQL Server - how to findout big queries consume in sql server 2008

Asked By prathap chowdary on 06-Feb-12 07:51 AM

how to find out big consuming queries on databases in sql server 2008.........and how to find out the optimizing query

Please anyone help me.......related answers.......
Web Star replied to prathap chowdary on 06-Feb-12 08:01 AM
You need to analysed execution plan to see consume time on each and every step means time for filter , searching fetching etc step by step.
See this article to details about exectuion plan
D Company replied to Web Star on 06-Feb-12 09:01 AM
Hello Friend,

this http://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/1776/automate-performance-monitor-statistics-collection-for-sql-server-and-windows/tell complete performance tuning and monitoring. and also contains detail about  various tools used in performance check

Hope this helps

Irbaz Hashmi replied to prathap chowdary on 06-Feb-12 09:47 AM
You can runt the Trace to find out what queries are consuming the most.