VB 6.0 - start the app - Asked By shah on 06-Feb-12 09:07 AM

can anyone tell me , how can i start the microsoft application before the login screen of XP ? ? 
dipa ahuja replied to shah on 06-Feb-12 10:08 AM
You hvae to use the Shell command

Dim t 
shah replied to dipa ahuja on 07-Feb-12 05:03 AM
thks for reply , but u didnt ubderstand my qustn ,
my doubt , is suppose  i want to start the "notepad.exe" before "administrator" user or "student" user logs in .. 
so how can i do it ?
the answer you have told me will only work when exe file of vb is run ,
so help me if u have any idea . . .
dipa ahuja replied to shah on 07-Feb-12 06:22 AM
Yes, You have to write this code , before your startup form. You may have splash screen as the startup form, so you have to run this code before the splash starts