Outlook - Documents emailed through Outlook cannot be opened by recipients

Asked By Scott Willits on 06-Feb-12 07:01 PM
I'm having an issue with my Outlook that every time I email attachments (PDF, excel, word) to recipients, they are not able to open the attachments and they receive the following error message:

"There was an error opening this documents. The file is damaged and could not be repaired"

However, I am able to email the same exact document from my personal Yahoo email account to my Outlook account and I can open the document.  There's obviously some issue with Outlook that makes these files unreadable. 


Donald Ross replied to Scott Willits on 06-Feb-12 09:58 PM
If this is a recent change then it may be something more that just compatibility issue.

If however you just upgraded to office 2010 and are sending files you created to ppl with office 2007 or lower that will not be able to open and may get the error you speak of.

Let us know if it is more than just a version issue.

Scott Willits replied to Donald Ross on 07-Feb-12 10:43 AM
I have not recently upgraded office. I had a virus on my computer that I thought we cleaned up. This is probably the issue. Is there any way to re-instal outlook to possibly clean this up?
Donald Ross replied to Scott Willits on 07-Feb-12 01:01 PM
Sure,  you can always reinstall with the office disk or repair might be a better option, make sure you have your .PAB and .PST and any archives you want to keep saved or backed up and get with your IT folks.

Scott Willits replied to Donald Ross on 07-Feb-12 01:40 PM
Thanks for the feedback don.