Microsoft Excel - Find similar names - Asked By krishna appalla on 07-Feb-12 12:34 AM


Would you help me to find similar names in 2 sheets

For example

Sheet-1 there are names like SHRI.Bhagwan_3309,SMT.Neeraja_6699

Sheet-2 they appear like     Bhagwan_3309      Neera_6699

Please help me to sort out this problem
Somesh Yadav replied to krishna appalla on 07-Feb-12 01:15 AM
hi you can do it in the following way,

Use HLookup and VLookup functions to find records in large worksheets

do one thing there is step by step procedure which explains you to solve your problem in systametic way, so better gothrough the below link .
DL M replied to krishna appalla on 07-Feb-12 01:28 AM

you can do using VLookup formula using to compare name more then one sheets.

show this link will guide you
Donald Ross replied to krishna appalla on 07-Feb-12 12:42 PM

If your names are in colums and set up like A1 of sheet one and A1 of sheet 2 you can use something like this to compair columns and rows, but if they are not lined up and scattered all over the sheet it will not work.

This assumes that sheet 1 name will always have SHRI. before the name and looks at the 6th char and compairs 5 chars to sheet 2 to return a 1, for true and a 0 for false.  you can change the 1 & the 0 to what ever you want. 

Now if you dont want to create a third sheet and are looking for more of a way to highlight duplicate names you might look into conditional formatting.

If you can upload an example of your sheet.