Microsoft Word - Lines & Text - Asked By Shannon Heffley on 07-Feb-12 02:38 PM

In Microsoft Work 2007, I would like to know how to add text over a line without the line moving as you type text on it.

Thanks for your help
Venkat K replied to Shannon Heffley on 07-Feb-12 07:29 PM
Use the option strike through which will add a line over the text as shown below


Venkat K replied to Shannon Heffley on 07-Feb-12 07:32 PM
You also have another option:
1. Draw a line.
2. Insert a textbox from Insert --> Text Box
3.  Add text to the textbox, remove the border of the textbox.
4. Drag the text over the line based on your requirement.

Hope this helps!
Riley K replied to Shannon Heffley on 07-Feb-12 07:39 PM

  What you are asking is somethiing like strikethrough right??

  select the text you want and from fonts under effects check strikethrough

Anoop S replied to Shannon Heffley on 08-Feb-12 12:36 AM
There are two possible ways to do this:

1. Use a 1x1 table and remove the borders except the bottom border. This will allow people to type in the empty table without shifting text around. The limitation is that the 1x1 table must be on its own line.

2. The preferred option is to use the Developer ribbon (enable Word Options - Popular - Enable Developer...). Then under the controls, insert a text box. You can then edit the font of the text box to add and underline. You can find more information about this method on Microsoft's web site here.

mahesh kumar replied to Shannon Heffley on 08-Feb-12 11:45 PM
selecting the typed word and pressing ctrl+u.  After pressing this command whatever is typed has underline automatically.

mahesh kumar replied to mahesh kumar on 08-Feb-12 11:56 PM
If you dont want to move the line when you type another option is to select the text which you want to underline and press Ctrl+u.