Java - project - Asked By reddy prasad on 08-Feb-12 10:19 AM

please send me any web based project with clear architecture diagram to understand project
about project

and what is meant by project architecture

and send any sample web project
dipa ahuja replied to reddy prasad on 08-Feb-12 10:34 AM
For project diagram first you have to decide the project defination.

For ex if shopping website, we will create diagram, of shopping site like home page -> user account -> searching items -> adding items to cart -> checkout etc..
[)ia6l0 iii replied to reddy prasad on 08-Feb-12 12:00 PM
Read this wiki page. It has more than what you need.

And on your second question: Project architecture lets you define the tiers, data flow, data ingest, request pipeline, responses and much more that are all related to a project. It is like a house plan. In terms of web, you would explain all the above said points wrt to a browser that a client uses. 

Hope this helps.
reddy prasad replied to dipa ahuja on 12-Feb-12 10:29 PM
its shippimg management domain project
if possible send me reply