C# .NET - set up file creation - Asked By santosh patnaik on 09-Feb-12 11:10 AM

how can i create set up file in visual studio 2008 with .net3.5 dll. can anybody guide me
Web Star replied to santosh patnaik on 09-Feb-12 11:16 AM
you need to add setup and deploymnet project and put proper settings for that and when you will buil it will create new setup exe for that application.
see details
D Company replied to santosh patnaik on 09-Feb-12 12:59 PM
step-by-step process to do so.

1.) click on "New Project". Choose "Other Project Types".

2.)choose "Setup And Deployment".

3.) choose "Setup Wizard". Name it something

4.) click Next. Then, click next again. Next.

5.) Click on "Add" and choose the files you want to be installed to Program Files.

6.) Click Next. Lastly, click finish.

hope its clear to you!!

dipa ahuja replied to santosh patnaik on 09-Feb-12 02:36 PM
To create a setup file follow this ►Create new setup project.  You will find 3 folders:
1.Application Folder
2.User's desktop
3.User's program menu
► Add the exe, database, images, dll files of you project in the "Application Folder"
► Add the exe file in the "User's Desktop" and "User's program Menu" folder if you want a exe 's short cut in the desktop and in start menu
Now all files are added now build the project, and you will get the exe setup file of your in the bin directory of your setup project
santosh patnaik replied to Web Star on 11-Feb-12 01:52 AM
when i install setup file in another computer installation was successful but while execute it shows connectionstring property is not intialized error shows.what had happened ?what need to be changed?pls guide me.
Web Star replied to santosh patnaik on 12-Feb-12 10:52 AM
It means the connectionstring  are not inisilized properly in your application that's why you are getting such type of error.
And better is you can set the connection string in app.config file than that will work properly after creating setup project.