ASP.NET - online exam - Asked By durga prasad on 10-Feb-12 01:58 AM


i am doing online exam project using with sql server. My problem is i created one web form two drop down list controls and four radio buttons and one button.NOW each time when i select subject name and chapter no from drop down list   questions will bind to 4 radio buttons with question.

And finally want to see the score

so kindly guide me the and send me the code ASAP

Web Star replied to durga prasad on 10-Feb-12 02:08 AM
you need to develop first admin panel where admin can add question with answer and that are stored in database. than you will create frontend online exam module in that application where you can populate the question based on subject name and chapter number from dropdown list and than display question with the timer control help and  stored response answer in database and finally show the result to user.
See these link for more help 
Somesh Yadav replied to durga prasad on 10-Feb-12 02:24 AM
Hi durga prasad,

here is a sample example on

Online Exam Project Sample with ASP.Net & C#.Net with JavaScript Timer

so by refering to the below link you can proceed further .
dipa ahuja replied to durga prasad on 10-Feb-12 04:18 AM
Firstly you have to desing the database structure:

tables will be :
1. Users,
2. Question/Ans ,
3. Result ,
4. checking
in user records of users who are giving test, question ans where you can store your all question and answers, then in checking check the ans which user has given and finally the result which contains result of users.
Now after creating Databases and table work on design of forms how much forms you will need which controls you required.. for question you will take lable and for options you can take radioButton list so user chose 1 option from that option.
Do this and then move to programming code
Hope you get idea :)