Outlook - 553 Sorry, too many recipients. - Asked By Marcie Miller on 10-Feb-12 03:55 PM

I keep getting the following error message when trying to send an email to a group of about 200 recipients.

553 Sorry, too many recipients.

I never had a problem with this until recently. We have Go Daddy for our e-mail and my computer was just upgraded to Windows 7 from XP. That is when the problem started.

Any ideas?
Peter Bromberg replied to Marcie Miller on 10-Feb-12 04:44 PM
That message is coming from the mail server, so you will need to inquire of GoDaddy. That might just be their very sloppy way of attempting to stop email spam. For GoDaddy, it wouldn't surprise me at all.
Anoop S replied to Marcie Miller on 13-Feb-12 12:12 AM
this limit is set on your email provider's server, do one thing you will need to split the recipient list up into 2 parts to send the email out.
Donald Ross replied to Marcie Miller on 16-Feb-12 11:31 PM

Go Daddy had limit of 250 email a day normally.  According to several forum post but as of lately they have dropped that to 100.  here is a link  http://help.godaddy.com/topic/168/article/313

also this from one of the members.  as of 5 Dec 2011.....

"Very good! THANK YOU!!!!
As a 12 year veteran of godaddy it was easier getting an intelligent answer here, from you, than from godaddy. (I sent an email...but no reply after several hours...)

Have learned from many years *never to call godaddy support at night*. The rude children there don't like to be disturbed from their video games or whatever they do...

YOU WERE ABSOLUTELY CORRECT! It is a godaddy server error.

All my email accounts have relay limits of 250. In the past (that being 2 years ago) I could send 250 emails a day/address. Have a list of 900+ to send to.

NOT NOW! Godaddy returned a server error - 553 Sorry, too many recipients...when sending 200 names in the bcc;, then tried 100...same no-go.

Came here and read your brilliant helpful posts and found the solution. Sent 43 from one email address - no problem.

Conclusion? Godaddy got cheap. 250/day is fiction."

Hope this helps