C# .NET - Ajax ModelpopupExtender PopUpPosition

Asked By phalgun on 13-Feb-12 12:40 AM
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Based on the position of the textbox on the page i Need the Ajax ModelpopupExtender PopUpPosition some times on the top of the Text box and some times bottom of textbox...  any Help

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Web Star replied to phalgun on 13-Feb-12 12:51 AM
If you don't set the fixed position of  ModelpopupExtender PopUpPosition   than that will be automatically appear some time top or botton on the textbox based on the textbox position on that page within the browser area. anyway if you want to set the position dynamically based on your customzied condition than you can use differnet css with differnt position and change that css from your code based on condition. you can use css for specific position as follows eg Position should be -1000px 









hope this helps you