ASP.NET - web Questionnaire - Asked By Amit Kumar on 13-Feb-12 02:00 AM

My Self Amit Kumar.
I want to develop a website in with C# (.net 4.0)
My website take User Review about my Products

My first page contains 5 question each question have 3 options if user choose first option then it give 5 points for this question similarly if user choose 2nd option then it give 10 points,  if user choose 3rd option then it give 15 points, 
same for all remaining questions.
at last we count all the point
if total is between 0 to 25 then user not satisfied with product,
similarly if total is between 26 to 50 then good product, 
if total is between 51 to 75 then best product.

similarly my website contains 10 product survey , and last we count all 10 product point and display user satisfaction  using chart control.


Web Star replied to Amit Kumar on 13-Feb-12 02:23 AM
So what's you are facing problem with this? Actually you want to survey response site development,
In short i just give you idea how do you implement it First of all you need to decide application in two part one is admin part where admin can submit the survey query with answer option and response with weights and anther is frontend part where user can access that survey and submit response of user point of view you just put the your business logic in your code to calculate the score based on admin response and user response and find the actual product quality of that use point of view.
hope this helps you