ASP.NET - Image Button problem - Asked By Sudhansu shekhar on 13-Feb-12 02:18 AM

 Hi all,

 I'm getting struck, when i want to put Image Button control instead of normal button. In click event i have also changed ImageClickEventArgs. Inside click button, I'm using If condition, and code is:

 if (btnSave.Text == "Save")
        {      string testStr="SELECT   ClsSubId  FROM     Tbl_ExamSchedule" +
               " WHERE   (SchClassId = '" + ddlClass.Text + "') AND (ClsExmId = '" + ddlExam.Text + "') AND (SchAcadId = '" + acadID .ToString ()+ "') AND (ClsSubId = '"+ddlSub.Text +"')";
          SqlDataReader dr = obj.ExecuteReader(testStr);

Now I'm getting following error on highlighted text:

CS0122: 'System.Web.UI.WebControls.ImageButton.Text' is inaccessible due to its protection level

Pls help me out.......Thanks in advance.
Web Star replied to Sudhansu shekhar on 13-Feb-12 02:29 AM
you need to check the protection level of that image control when it should be protected or public, it cannot be private. In your code that set with private that's why your are getting such inaccessible due to its protection level error to change it to protected or public.
Hope that helps your

dipa ahuja replied to Sudhansu shekhar on 13-Feb-12 02:39 AM
ImageButton doesn't have a Text property

You have to compare its commandName property here

if(btnSave.CommandName== "Save")
kalpana aparnathi replied to Sudhansu shekhar on 13-Feb-12 04:07 AM


Remove OnClick="Button1_Click" from the html part


Remove the event subscription: this.Button1.Click += new System.EventHandler(this.Button1_Click);
*and* set the accessible level to protected (recommended), public or internal for the method Button1_Click.

One thing that imagebutton not have text property so use commandName as a property for validation so check it also.

Sudhansu shekhar replied to dipa ahuja on 13-Feb-12 04:26 AM
dipa ahuja replied to Sudhansu shekhar on 13-Feb-12 05:32 AM
Your welcome :)