ASP.NET - gridview does not show in safari - Asked By msakt on 13-Feb-12 04:36 AM

gridview datas does not show in safari
kalpana aparnathi replied to msakt on 13-Feb-12 04:49 AM

1. Keep your gridview statically in the page
2. just put the contents of the panel dynamically. That should solve your issue.

Somesh Yadav replied to msakt on 13-Feb-12 04:53 AM

Hi ,

You can use some printing javascript plugin for printing  particular section of the page, it is the GridView data.

make use of separate css file for print. When you define <link media="print" ....../> the corresponding style sheet will be applied when the document is printed.

Create a css document that hides all the parts(by setting display:none) other than gridview and attach this css to the page with media="print" attribute.

I hope it is helpful to you.

smr replied to msakt on 14-Feb-12 12:05 AM

I think this is due to CSS you have applied.

with safari or firefox, go into dev tools, display the dom, select the div, and inspect the applied styles. you can turn inherence on and off to find the offender.