VB 6.0 - read the values by knowing wparam and lparam

Asked By dotnet developer on 14-Feb-12 12:48 AM
I have a third party application that displays data in a grid and it changes with time. I am trying to build an utility in vb  to capture that data. I used spy to identify the messages. It shows "ArmReReadMessage (Registered messages)" with wparam and lparam values. I am planning to hook this message and read the data before it gets displayed to the grid. Please guide me on how to read the data from wparam and lparam values/pointers. As its a third party application and I am unaware of the structure of the data.
Reena Jain replied to dotnet developer on 14-Feb-12 12:57 AM

wparam and lparam are really pointers to C++ UINT and LONG values respectively. In C# speak, they're pointers to uint and int. In case you're not sure what a WPARAM is, you can simply look it up where it is defined by right clicking in the C++ code and choosing "Go to definition". That takes you to this definition in windef.h.

here is the complete solution for you

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Somesh Yadav replied to dotnet developer on 14-Feb-12 01:12 AM

Example 3: A message which has complex parameters, and which returns an interesting value:

*                           UWM_SET_COORD
* Inputs:
*       WPARAM: (WPARAM)(BOOL) FALSE for absolute
*                              TRUE for relative
* Result: LRESULT
*	(LRESULT)MAKELONG(x, y) previous coordinate value
* Effect:
*	Sets the coordinate in the view, and returns the previous
*       coordinate.
* Notes:
*	The x,y values are added to the current position if
*	WPARAM is TRUE, otherwise they replace the current 
*	position.
#define UWM_SET_COORD_MSG _T("UWM_SET_COORD-{4E7F6EC2-6ADC-11d3-BC36-006067709674}")

Note that I carefully document the casting that is required to get the desired WPARAM and LPARAM values. Then I know when I'm writing my method how I should cast it. Here's an example of a handler for another message, which takes a pointer to an object. 

*                       CMyView::OnAssignMyInfo
* Inputs:
*       WPARAM: ignored, 0
* Result: LRESULT
*	Logically void, 0, always
* Effect:
*	Modifies the current view by the values in LPMYINFO
* Notes:
*	If LPMYINFO.IsValidCount is FALSE, the count field is
*	not modified
LRESULT CMyView::OnAssignMyInfo(WPARAM, LPARAM lParam)
     LPMYINFO info = (LPMYINFO)lParam;
     visible = info.visible;
        count = info.count;
     return 0; // value is ignored

refer to the below link for more informtion.



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dotnet developer replied to Reena Jain on 14-Feb-12 01:14 AM
Can you please point me to a code that reads the data with unknown datastructure using wparam and lparam values using vb?
Asked By dotnet developer on 14-Feb-12 01:20 AM
Hi James,

Can you guide me to use this macro with vb6?