ASP.NET - connection was reset problem when uploading unlimited size of files

Asked By mani on 14-Feb-12 02:46 AM
hi..i have problem when uploading unlimited size of files in my application in server..i am getting
connection was reset problem
after some time..
i am using this line in my webconfig..

 <httpRuntime executionTimeout="600000" maxRequestLength="512000" />
kalpana aparnathi replied to mani on 14-Feb-12 02:55 AM

If you're using ASP .NET, then you need to modify the maxRequestLength web.config property.

<httpRuntime executionTimeout="54000" maxRequestLength="512000" />

where execution timeout is in seconds, and maxRequestLength is in KB. executionTimeout, is basically the amount of time a thread will continue to run, and accept data by IIS/.NET. maxRequestLength, is the total amount of data that can be sent through HTTP Post to the server. The default is 4MB (4096)...and is generally set low so that your server will not be overwhelmed by possible DoS attacks.

smr replied to mani on 14-Feb-12 02:56 AM

try this

Increase the maximum Request limit (default is 4Mb)
- In the Machine.config file, change the maxRequestLength attribute of the <> configuration section to a larger value. This change affects the whole computer.

- In the Web.config file, override the value of maxRequestLength for the application. For example, the following entry in Web.config allows files that are less than or equal to 8 megabytes (MB) to be uploaded:
< maxRequestLength="8192" />

mani replied to kalpana aparnathi on 14-Feb-12 03:01 AM
<httpRuntime executionTimeout="54000" maxRequestLength="512000" />

hi i used same line in my webconfig..but not able to upload 45mb file...any solutions??
kalpana aparnathi replied to mani on 14-Feb-12 03:05 AM

Hope works!!!!!!!!!!1