SharePoint - How to migrate data from sql server to sharepoint list

Asked By Bookworm on 16-Feb-12 05:56 AM
Hi everybody!

I need to migrate data from sql server to sharepoint lists.
i know the way  with external lists but i dont know how to migrate attachments.

any idea?
kalpana aparnathi replied to Bookworm on 16-Feb-12 06:02 AM

I suggest using object model / web services to store data to separate SQL database. I think that the best approach is to write an event handler that will trigger on your least and copy the data user inserted/updated.

Somesh Yadav replied to Bookworm on 16-Feb-12 06:03 AM

You can do all DML (Select, Insert, Update, Delete) action using SharePoint Designer with out writing a code.
Follow the steps.

1) Open SharePoint Designer 2007
2) Open the required site and select the list where you want to show the data.
3) Doubleclick the view name (e.g. AllItems.aspx)
4) Click on the view then from Menu -> Insert -> SharePoint Controls -> Data View
5) In the 'Data Source Library' window select 'Database Connections' -> 'Connect to a database'
6) Follow the Wizard, click save and the data is returned to the view.

It will work for you.

Microsoft guide for db connections:
Bookworm replied to kalpana aparnathi on 16-Feb-12 06:10 AM
can you explain better pls, or give me any link, i have data in SQL Server and i want to migrate them into sharepoint list