VB.NET - Hiding columns in vb.net - Asked By Sreya Gopal on 19-Feb-12 05:59 AM

How can we hide a column in crystal report if it doesn't contains any value
Sandeep Mittal replied to Sreya Gopal on 19-Feb-12 06:23 AM
Supress in crystal report is used to hide the column.
Use supress, add the formula to supress on the column based on flag (Visible - true/false).
Sreya Gopal replied to Sandeep Mittal on 19-Feb-12 06:26 AM
OK,i am able to suppress the blank field,but  how can i hide that column
kalpana aparnathi replied to Sreya Gopal on 19-Feb-12 01:18 PM

Try with this:

if {?ShowThisField1} = "true" then
  formula = True
  formula = False
end if

Where {?ShowThisField1} is the parameter. This is the Basic Syntax.

####Alternative way:

formula = {?@BooleanVariable}

Venkat K replied to Sreya Gopal on 19-Feb-12 11:52 PM
There are two ways where you can hide a column:

select a column u want to hide ----> apply alerter---> give condition if is null of the object-----> then write a formula (mention next object in the table)

one more way as :
select the table --> goto properties tab---> uncheck show empty columns.