ASP.NET - security with - Asked By mostafa hamdy on 22-Feb-12 05:00 AM

Hello all
I have some web site have a login screen to allow the user login to the site using user name and password , and this login saved in the DB , but there's some strange thing happen with me that 's if some one doesn't have a permissin (user name or password) and copy some URL of some page in my site and paste it to the web browser  he can see the conent of the page , I want any one doesnt have a permission do that redirected to the login page , please if any body get what I mean and can help me please send me or tell me about some URL may help me in doing that
Somesh Yadav replied to mostafa hamdy on 22-Feb-12 05:03 AM

ASP.NET, in conjunction with Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS), can authenticate user credentials such as names and passwords using any of the following authentication methods:

  • Windows: Basic, digest, or Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM or Kerberos).
  • Microsoft Passport authentication
  • Forms authentication
  • Client Certificate authentication

For more information please refre to the below link.

Hope it helps you.