Windows Live - Time to Lauch WLM - Asked By James Pritchett on 25-Feb-12 01:28 AM

Whenever I launch Windows Live Mail it takes 1 min. and 15 seconds to open.  Is this normal?  When I was using Windows Mail with my Vista computer it would open in about 10 seconds.  I have 7936 Megabytes Usable Installed Memory. What can I do to shorten the time for launching WLM?
Suchit shah replied to James Pritchett on 25-Feb-12 01:50 AM
Did you add any 3rd party software into the Add Ins.  ?

Is there a virus scanner involved. Some virus scanners seem to get in between the email program and the email server, scanning the emails before they are loaded into the email program. AVG comes to mind. It slows email a bit, but at least everything is scanned.

after checking all this if not work upgrade with newer version and also check the suggestation given here