C# .NET - how can i stop sending spam by my email?

Asked By sara asa on 28-Feb-12 11:02 PM
hi all,
some one is sending spam all by my account...i even changed my password but still it is sending spam to all my friends.
how can i stop it?
thank you.
Somesh Yadav replied to sara asa on 29-Feb-12 12:19 AM

the FROM: field is just a line of txt and does not accuratly indicate the source of the message. it is common to see this spoofed, infact i use some c# apps internally that force the from address to something other than the users for sorting purposes.

its common, its a nusance, its SPAM. the only thing you can really do is change the users's e-mail addy to something else.

dipa ahuja replied to sara asa on 29-Feb-12 12:52 AM
In which email provider you are using?

Use the Gmail account and set the highest security thats depends on machine. and set the machine code with the your mobile no.

This way whenever you login to your account it will ask for security code which will be sent to your mobile. this way at least you know who is using it
sara asa replied to dipa ahuja on 29-Feb-12 11:45 AM
i am using yahoo provider,,not gmail