SQL Server - Regarding TEMPDB Info - Asked By prathap chowdary on 01-Mar-12 12:27 AM


This is Prathap......

Actually in my c:\drive having 12GB free space.......all my system databases(Master,model,msdb,tempdb) located in C:\Drive. Yesterday also having 12GB free space in C:\ drive.
But today Tempdb occupies 8GB for Data file....not log file.And I am giving the restricted growth for both tempdev and templog files.
In out of 8GB in tempdb ,7 gb is available free space.

How can i release free space to OS............

And why datafile occupying space........This is production server(sql server 2008 sp1)...present in my c:\Drive having 4 GB free space.

Please help me.....its a little bit urgent.

Somesh Yadav replied to prathap chowdary on 01-Mar-12 01:13 AM
refer to the below link.


hope it helps you.