Lounge - Is a server necessary for a website?

Asked By Nancy J on 01-Mar-12 02:31 AM

I am interested in starting my own website, I would like people to upload videos and other files to express their views. Is it necessary that I should should invest on a server for this? Is there any other option for me to save the files that are getting uploaded by the users. Please help me out coz I'm lost.

Thankz a lot.
dipa ahuja replied to Nancy J on 01-Mar-12 02:42 AM
There are some free hosting sites. But looking at your req. you have to pay for hosting to your site. and the server size will be increased as users will upload their videos. 

Because video files are large in size and as the no. of vides increase your server size will be increased too.

check this site , it may help you


Reena Jain replied to Nancy J on 01-Mar-12 02:47 AM

yes to run any web application server is needed. You need a virtual server to host your site or just a quota of disk space in a webhosting company (the cheapest solution)
Physical servers are necessary just if you think u will need to host great quantity of space of files, active server programs or special applications and you look for a massive number of hits onto your website.
Mihir Soni replied to Nancy J on 01-Mar-12 02:55 AM

Yes for hosting any kind of website server is mandatory. If you are not ready to buy any kind of server you could use FREE hosting service any time available on internet you just google it out for the term FREE HOSTING.

Another solution is you can make your own machine as SERVER though it sounds little bit weird, but yes you can...but your machine needs to be 24*7 UP and high configuration.

Let me know if any more help is required on this.