Microsoft Powerpoint - Graphics Card - Asked By Amy Brubaker on 04-Mar-12 11:06 PM

I have Windows 7 and am using PP 2010.  I require my students to use at least one hyperlink in their presentations; however, the hyperlinks are not working on my computer either in the play slide show mode or the slide editor mode.  I got the "warning" about my graphics card not being properly configured, but I can find nothing that tells me HOW it should be configured or how to reconfigure it.
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Amy Brubaker on 05-Mar-12 10:15 AM
Please try these steps:

a) First of all, get the graphics drivers updated from the Manufacturer's website.

b) You might want to try software rendering as well. This link tells you how to switch to software rendering mode. 

c) Please try "Disabling hardware graphics acceleration" and then try the hyperlinks. (Go to File - Options - Advanced, and then select "Disable hardware graphics acceleration" from Display section.

d) If you are unsure, whether it is a hardware issue, then it is worth to look at the Knowledge base article - 818853. It talks a similar problem but with a smaller fix. 

Hope one of these helps.
Somesh Yadav replied to Amy Brubaker on 06-Mar-12 01:32 AM
Hi Amy,

Upon installing openSUSE, the X system's automatic configuration may have failed to properly configure the graphics correctly. Typically this results in either a black screen upon reboot, or the wrong resolution being displayed on the monitor.

This guide is for all current and supported openSUSE versions up to and including openSUSE-12.1.

Typically the cause is your graphics are not configured properly. The reason for the misconfiguration can vary, dependant upon your openSUSE version.

This section provides some guidance on how to sort out your graphic problem. It is recommended one determine their openSUSE version and read up on some practical graphic theory before proceeding to solve their problem.

for more information refer to the below link,

Hope It helps you.
Donald Ross replied to Amy Brubaker on 10-Mar-12 10:28 AM

Is this still an issue?   If you are still having this problem have you tried to run the DirectX diagonstic tool?  Hit start and type dxdiag in the comand window and then hit enter.

this will bring up the Diagnostic Tool and you can look to see if there is a problem somewhere.

If everything looks fine the have you been to this support site yet and looked at your graphics acceleration settings. Microsoft support

Let us know if you get it working.