ASP.NET - Regarding SSRS and matrix report issue

Asked By Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Mar-12 08:47 AM
i want to show report country wise.i have dataset which i bind to my report and my dataset looks like below picture

my dataset has the data like above picture in same way.

now i want to display this data with SSRS like below picture...this would be my target output.

this way i want to show my data with the help of SSRS matrix. i am new in SSRS. so what i did i put a matrix data region on report surface and create two group. first group is curdate and second group on field name and place countrycode as column group.

here is the picture of my report design below

but when i run my report then i am not getting output like my target output. the output i am getting like

if some one look my out then they can see date is not repeating. i know the reason because i create a group on curdate. i want date should repeat when it is different. also i want to show subtotal like my target output. plzz advice me what i need to do.

i want data should come like in my report

Date          Field      GB     US
------         -----      ----      ----
02/15/2012    Total Sale   15200   14001
02/16/2012    Total Sale   11200   10001
            Sub Total    xxxxx    xxxxx

02/15/2012   Reman Sale    18000    16001
02/16/2012   Reman Sale    13200    15001
           Sub Total      xxxxx     xxxxx

           Total        xxxxx    xxxxx

i already said how i design my report and gave here the picture of report design. now tell me am i going to
right direction....because here i am working with matrix data region but i am not sure should i work with matrix
data region or not. please guide me in detail how to design my report to achieve my target output. thanks
D Company replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Mar-12 11:49 AM
Hello Tridip,

as replied in your last post, could u please let me know what is the problem with that approach. if u still did not applied request you to try this and let me know, so that i can look into some other alternative

u can again prefer this link. or let me know if u tried the same thing and still having this problem

Help Link

D Company replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Mar-12 12:43 PM

One more thing , do not create current date as group,keep only location nae and see, u should be able to see the desired result.

let me know in case you are unable to see the same
Sandeep Mittal replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Mar-12 01:07 PM
Create 2 sub reports.
1. for daywise total sale
2. for daywise Reman Sale
Place both the sub reports on the main report "On change of Country", you would be able to display report in the desired format
Tridip Bhattacharjee replied to Sandeep Mittal on 05-Mar-12 01:53 PM
i just do not understand what u said. total sale & reman sale is not fixed many other data can be shown....i think this can not be done through sub report
Sandeep Mittal replied to Tridip Bhattacharjee on 05-Mar-12 01:56 PM
Oh I am sorry. I misunderstood the requirement.
You can achieve this with PIVOT feature of SSRS Reports.