SharePoint - Passing parameter values from AllItems.aspx to Upload.aspx and editfor

Asked By MD on 06-Mar-12 09:50 AM

Hi All,

My problem scenario is : i have a document library and in that library i have more than hundread document folder and each folder contains  document files. Basically, end user is using  peoplesoft application wherein, parameter values would be provided to a document library. When the user uploads a document, corresponding parameter values should be taken from url parameter. So, if I  pass associated parameter as a query string in AllItems.aspx, so that I'll preserve this parameter values till EditForm.aspx and I'll  be able to update the corresponding field control with this parameter values.

so according to my above scenario, how can i get parameter values from Allitems.aspx and preserve that value to EditForm.aspx and fill that value into EditForm.aspx form control and after saving those values, it should be save as a item into folder in Allitems.aspx page.

Note: is it possible using javascript i can achive this functionality or  i have to wirte custom code for that? Please advice regarding this matter.

Any help will be appreciated. 

Mitesh Darji replied to MD on 07-Mar-12 12:53 AM
you have to save all information in database from First.aspx page like (firstname,lastname,photoname etc... your document lib parameters)

once you save the all data you have one primary key (unique Id) which is saved in the database, so using this ID you can get all the data back from the database & display again in Edit.aspx page, for this you have to pass only ID as an Query string

Second way is using JQuery post method you can achieve this:

MD replied to Mitesh Darji on 07-Mar-12 11:18 AM

i have already parameter values in url into allitems.aspx page, then how can i achieve those values to editform.aspx page and once user will save those values it will save to documnet library. could you provide details please with scripting.

Thanks for your reply.