Microsoft Excel - how to copy data from hummingbird explorer into excel via vba

Asked By Anshul Arora on 06-Mar-12 02:41 PM
Request you Please let me know How I would be able to prepare macro which copy data from hummingbird explorer and paste in  excel .

As we have so many keywords with the help of which I get data and in each keyword I would getting 100 records approx.

Thanks in advance...
Somesh Yadav replied to Anshul Arora on 07-Mar-12 12:32 AM
Application.StatusBar = (X / Y) * 100 & "% Completed"
Pichart Y. replied to Anshul Arora on 07-Mar-12 12:39 AM
Hi anshul arora,

For hummingbird explorer is some kind of server, you can export the data out in form of csv then use excel manage, is this possible.

or actually excel can make connection to any database server then make query to get the result.

I actually, never used the hummingbird explorer before but I used some other some what this answer has no meaning for you, then sorry.

Kind regards,

Pichart Y.
Donald Ross replied to Anshul Arora on 09-Mar-12 02:13 AM
Are you talking about "Hummingbird HostExplorer which provides a TN3270 terminal emulation for PCs to connect to a mainframe using a VPN to provide encryption. It also provides other terminal emulations, but does not make secure connections, so it cannot be used to connect to or other centrally maintained UNIX systems."?

Which I got straight from a search.   If so your question is how to write or create a macro in copy and paste or pull data into excel using the terminal emulation?

Just trying to understand your question.


Christy Lein replied to Donald Ross on 13-Apr-12 02:05 PM

I'm wondering something similar. I'm trying to use excel 2007 vba to read identifiers from an excel file then use them to query and screen scrape an application running with hummingbird. I already have the code as this has been done before, but in trying to write a new program to do the same thing I can't seem to use the HostExplorer object. I have the dll referenced but I'm wondering if I am missing something.

Also if anyone knows of a good reference book, webpage etc. on using vba with the HostExplorer object and can point me there it would be greatly appreciated!!