C# .NET - Open - Asked By Hafiz Ullah on 07-Mar-12 01:36 AM

I want to make a software through which we can use the mike and camera of our mobile hand set with our PC system which cannot have this two facility.
so i need more details about it, and yet there is such a software present are not. and what types of languages can i use for  that.

what is multi path routing protocol in sensor? i need details discussion about it.
Parag Satpute replied to Hafiz Ullah on 08-Mar-12 12:10 AM
There are various softwares available on the net for this purpose. There are freeware as well as shareware versions of it.
One such software would be Mobiola WebCamera.

Still if you would like to develop a software on your own then you would have to use Java and C#.Net for your development.

If you are able to get the API for your Handset model then it would be easier for you. But if you are thinking of building/developing a software which can be used on any platform then it would involve Java..

If what i think you want to achieve is then i think that the below document would help you, The below document is the answer for your 2nd Question,
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Hafiz Ullah on 13-Mar-12 10:21 PM
Your first question seems to be very well answered above. 

On your second question - in simple words - Multipath routing is a technique adopted by telecom devices that lets you use multiple paths. The paths are chosen in such a manner that the data transfer is faster (the path with the low traffic), and secure.  But this technique has its own pitfalls , and advanced techniques like Concurrent multiplath routing is often adopted. 

Hope this answers.