SharePoint - Project Server 2007 SP3. "Edit Project Properties" button doesn't work

Asked By Alex Klimovsky on 07-Mar-12 07:29 AM
Hi Team,
About a year ago we implemented Project Server 2007. After filling it of content we met rather unusual problem: "Edit Project Properties" web button doesn't work for the majority of projects. It is not suitable when we need to make changes to project properies - we have to use workarounds and so on.. Could you please help to solve this problem? Or advise where we can find log information connected to this problem?
Thank you in advance,
D Company replied to Alex Klimovsky on 07-Mar-12 11:30 AM
Exactly I cant figure it out , but i have found that it may be a problem of a particular version of your browser. check this thread

also check this thread

hope this helps
[)ia6l0 iii replied to Alex Klimovsky on 07-Mar-12 10:21 PM
Sounds like a permission issue.

Do these users belong to "Project Managers" group?
Do they have "Save Project" permissions?

If you have categories, then explicitly set the "Save project" permissions to them via the PWA.

To do this,
a)  Log into PWA (with administrator permissions),
b)  Go to Quick Launch menu and choose "Server Settings",
c)  Go to Security section, and click on the "Manage Groups"
d)  Edit the Project Managers group,
e)  Select the category that these users belong to,
f)  Set the "Save Project to Project Server" permission to Allow for this,

Save the changes and try now. 

I see that you have the latest service pack for your version as well. So should not be something to do with the setup.

I hope this helps.