ASP.NET - Active directory and session - Asked By mostafa hamdy on 08-Mar-12 11:50 AM

Hello all
I have some web site build in 4.0 and I want to create user login page which takes the user name and password  and connect to window active directory , and after the active directory authenticate the user I wish to keep track the user authenticated in session till he/she logout or session time out , please if any body can help me in doing that please send me or tell me about some URL may help me in doing that
kalpana aparnathi replied to mostafa hamdy on 08-Mar-12 12:16 PM

Try with this code in web.config file:

add name="ADConnectionString" connectionString="LDAP://domaincontrollername:port/DC=domainname,DC=domainnamepart2"/>

Hope will helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter Bromberg replied to mostafa hamdy on 08-Mar-12 02:07 PM