SQL Server - Stored procedure call auto - Asked By farrukh on 10-Mar-12 02:15 PM

Hi all,

I am new to sql server i am able to create a procedure . i want to ask how to it will execute automatically in sql server?

Peter Bromberg replied to farrukh on 10-Mar-12 02:20 PM
If you mean execute automatically on a schedule, you need to create a SQL Server Agent job for that.
farrukh replied to Peter Bromberg on 10-Mar-12 02:43 PM
Peter Bromberg,

Thank you for your reply i have a update query of calculation from other columns and store in one column of DB. It can be done by SQL Server Agent job how if user enter the values in columns which get the result in one other column? it is possible when the values are entered in the columns  the procedure call from sql?

Peter Bromberg replied to farrukh on 10-Mar-12 03:14 PM
If you want something to happen when a row is inserted, study up on Triggers.