Visual Studio .NET - Changing a setting in several projects

Asked By Patrick Skelton on 11-Mar-12 06:44 AM

Does anyone know if it is possible to set the same setting across multiple projects in a solution (e.g. if I wanted to remove the TRACE symbol from several projects at the same time).

I used to do this using C++ projects in VS2006.  I am now trying to do the same thing in VS2010 on an ASP.NET solution and can't figure out how to do it.  Seems like a step backwards to me if this functionality has gone.

Kind wishes, Patrick
D Company replied to Patrick Skelton on 12-Mar-12 11:08 AM

If u are looking for option from VS UI , i dont think so that u could get such options, but in most cases you can make a change in a single project then see the differences in the  the .csproj file  against the previous version to see what the IDE changed, and then use a global file replace  to propagate that change quickly through many projects.

and also that .csproj files are simply XML file that u can see the differences easily.

Patrick Skelton replied to D Company on 12-Mar-12 02:01 PM
Thank you for that.

Definitely could do this in VS2006 when using C++ (never tried with C#).   Seems like an important loss of functionality to me.  It can be extremely useful and time-saving.

Kind wishes, Patrick
D Company replied to Patrick Skelton on 12-Mar-12 02:14 PM
I think u can do this, in any version of VS. give a try.

[)ia6l0 iii replied to Patrick Skelton on 12-Mar-12 02:20 PM
I attempted on something similar a few years ago. Microsoft has the public Symbol Server which when configured in your solution, lets developers download the symbols for a project. 

The MSDN article titled "How to use a Symbol Server" at talks more about the instructions that you need. 

Note that you can also set up your own Symbol Server and request the symbols to be loaded from there. 

Thanks for refreshing my memory. Those good old days....
Patrick Skelton replied to [)ia6l0 iii on 12-Mar-12 03:02 PM
Thank you for that.  So are you saying that it is no longer possible just using the normal UI?

- Patrick