Microsoft Excel - VBA to extract/copy messages from modem's sim card

Asked By Gauss on 12-Mar-12 02:36 AM
Hi all experts,

Is there a VBA that can extract text messages from sim card and arrange them in columns like From Number|Date|Message|Date etc...,

also a vba that will reply a message to all senders listed as above, with a message is stored in cell(s)?

I appreciate your contribution very much. Gauss
Donald Ross replied to Gauss on 14-Mar-12 11:22 PM

Your question about a Modem Sim card, and extracting text messages.  Are you using a wireless modem (probably usb) and your phone sim card together for wireless internet? and is this the sim card you are refering to.
Taking it out of your phone and wanting to pull or extract your text messsages out of your phones sim card?

If this is the case, do you have software for your phone and why cant you extract the data directly from the phone.
If you cant use it from the phone due to damage to teh phone or no software adn are trying to extract the data using the wireless usb modem then what kind of modem is it and what brand of sim card.  maybe we can find some online software for you to use.

As for a reply message to all senders, will this reply be sent via your phone and your number or via the wireless modem and some form of email.?

Thanks for posting a rather unique question and I hope with alittle more information someone will be able to help you.


Gauss replied to Donald Ross on 05-Apr-12 04:07 AM
Thank you Donald,

It is a wireless Modem (usb) that you take the sim card in and out

I take sim card from my phone to extract messages and save to  PC,

I dont have a software and it is not that the phone is damaged, I just want to keep those messages.
It is a Huawei Modem with vodafone sim card

Reply messages via modem with the sim card inserted, in the following manner:
On a Ms Excel spreadsheet,
Phone numbers in column A, text message on column B, when a macro run it will send the text msg to all numbers on column A.
I hope is more clear now..

Regards, Gauss.