Outlook - send personal categories outlook 2007 weird problem

Asked By zztemp zztemp on 12-Mar-12 05:25 AM
A department of ours wants the following:

when they reply from within a certain mailbox, the messages get sends automatically in BCC to an other mailbox.
They want to check the workload of each employee. So i wrote a script that does that, so fare no problem.

But, they add categories to each mail before sending it. So they want to send out that category as well, so that they can make statistics by those categories.

So i checked the net and found that there is a registry key that should do just that: 

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Office\12.0\Outlook\Preferences] "SendPersonalCategories"=dword:00000001
So i did that, it does indeed send the category, but when they reply on a mail, the category gets deleted. (its already gone when you hit reply)
So i send a mail from my personal mailbox (with category) to the group mailbox. The groupmailbox receives that mail with the category.
Still logged in into my own mailbox (with connection to that groupmailbox) i click reply, in the box "from" it says the adress of the gruopmailbox.
But when i check in the options, the category is gone. 
Strangly enough, there is one computer where this does not happens and the category is kept. (as is should).

So i'm confused as to why it works on 1 computer, and not on the others. Is there a check or action that i can do to make sure this will work on all computers?

kind regards 
Parag Satpute replied to zztemp zztemp on 13-Mar-12 11:02 PM
Set the Outlook option of composing email as HTML as in below image,
Close Outlook (File >> Exit)
Re-Open Outlook and check....