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I am having an iball Pen tablet which consist of a wireless pen (Model no -5540U).  My core requirement is to use of this for electronically sign on a web form in any Image control in .net 3.5 framework using ASP.NET  C# so that I can put the signature on appropriate place in web form.

Please help in this regards and provide the solution in ASP.NET C#.


kalpana aparnathi replied to Puneet Mishra on 12-Mar-12 08:52 AM

You must first create a key-file for exclusive use by all of your published applications.  You would need to save this file in a VERY SECURE location.
 Some of the larger companies use their own vault containing a server that holds the file.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/6f05ezxy.aspxThen you must apply the key to your assemblies. 
You will find additional links on the pages.
http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms247066.aspx for  Managing Assemblies and Manifest Signing and http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/che5h906.aspx for  How to: Sign applications and manifests.

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As far as my knowledge goes, I answered a similar question a few days back. And to be frank, I would not waste any time, trying to reinvent the wheel and start developing something that is already out there. And it takes time and resource for you to develop all this by yourself.

I would definetely opt for a thrid-party plugin that would do such a thing. But wait - even I hate the ActiveX or client-side installations for this behavior. 

I just did a search on the web - and found the "Web Signature". It seems to be easy to integrate, easy to use as well. It charges you a $199 per domain - which I feel is a worthy price. But you may decide based on your budget. 

http://www.realsignature.com/demo/default.aspx is the demo page, which can get you interested. It is provided by http://www.realsignature.com/

Hope this helps.
Devil Scorpio replied to Puneet Mishra on 12-Mar-12 02:47 PM

You can capture signature digitally by using Signature Capture in C# in Handheld or PocketPC

Signature Capture in C# capturinig the signature in a txt file and reload from the txt file, in server side the txt file can be converted to a jpg file using java

Signature Capture is a cool c# code for client which will allows you to draw a signature and save that in a .txt file that can be reloaded at a later time. The .txt file can be converted to a .jpg file with java code.

MainForm.cs is the c# Form which capture the signature. It collects and displays a signature which is made up of a list of line segments. Each segment contains an array of points (x and y coordinates). Drawing is done to a memory bitmap to prevent flickering.

It has Clear Button, Load Button and Save Button which incorporate the code.

SignatureControl.cs is a control class which gives lots of properties and methods to capture the signature from the form.

For more info & source code refer
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You can download sample from here:


hope this will help you

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pls check out this links