SQL Server - sql native mode kerberos - Asked By sammy mc on 12-Mar-12 02:00 PM

This is standard SQL server SSRS deployment in Native mode. Created SPN a/c for a domain account on RS. & it impersonate the users to preview the reports. I gave sysadmin privilege
to the SPN domain account on the database o/w  it is not delegating. Looking for any less privileged a/c to impersonate the user from RS.

Any thoughts...
Reena Jain replied to sammy mc on 13-Mar-12 01:54 AM

Kerberos authentication is supported in both Reporting Services deployment modes: Native and SharePoint integrated. With native mode, you can use a Web-based tool such as Report Manager, to upload and manage reports, models, and other items. With SharePoint integrated mode, you can integrate a Reporting Services service environment with a SharePoint product or technology to upload and manage reports, models, and other items.

sammy mc replied to Reena Jain on 13-Mar-12 10:01 AM
Hello, thank you for explanation. however I was not looking for the theory...  Just to clarify that domain account that is impersonating logon user from reporting server to the database server Does need to have sysadmin account ? Is it mandatory? Thanks 
Somesh Yadav replied to sammy mc on 14-Mar-12 07:30 AM
hi refer here:-