Lounge - Interview rounds in Cognizant for 4.5 years experience candidate(.Net)

Asked By karur krishna madhu on 15-Mar-12 12:58 AM
Hi can anyone let me know how many rounds will be there in cognizant for 4.5 years experience candidate on .net platform. 
LIJO PHILIP replied to karur krishna madhu on 01-Apr-12 10:41 PM
Suchit shah replied to karur krishna madhu on 10-May-12 12:46 AM
see when ever you go there is no specific limit of round in any company if some company have a crucial requirement over there they can judge you very well even i have seen in some of the Company where after completion of 2-3 Technical Round ( normal technical , PL take a technical , then PM will take techinical again) if you finish all this Round then if Client also want to Judge you then there is a one more round from customer.. so at that time you must required to attend the Customre call round then after you have HR round.

So all this thing is very on project to project... mostly in all the Companies they having a Interview Round between 2-7.