Lounge - Cultural Question about India - Asked By Robbe Morris on 16-Mar-12 01:03 PM

Just curious...

While writing and testing a ton of our code that reads forum threads and analyzes keywords, I noticed that quite a few posts from Indian developers who do not put at least one space after the periods at the end of sentences.  For other nationalities, this is quite rare.  Anyone have any insight on this?


Indian developers participate in our forums.Plus they also write FAQs.

It is virtual impossible to accurately fix this do to the nature of .net namespaces and various language object names.  Since this does make the content harder to read and ultimately leads to downgrades in SEO scores due to grammatical errors, I was wanting to try and address it "somehow".
Suchit shah replied to Robbe Morris on 16-Mar-12 01:13 PM

You are correct in that some time what happen people forget to put a space after dot but most of the time people from India are not much used to with the space after a dot. Directly they start to right another word

Interesting - Robbe Morris replied to Suchit shah on 16-Mar-12 01:24 PM

Thank you, that is good to know.
dipa ahuja replied to Robbe Morris on 16-Mar-12 03:40 PM
I did not know that can affect SEO. 

From now i will try take care of it. :)

Thanks !
Robbe Morris replied to dipa ahuja on 16-Mar-12 03:46 PM
Grammar (including my mistakes in the original post :)) can have a small affect.  The pair of words with punctuation like my example can confuse the bots into missing keywords that might be included.

Is it a huge deal?  Not always but it does have an impact.