ASP.NET - reporting services - Asked By SVK N on 17-Mar-12 04:35 AM

i am using Ms reporting services
i have few reports , though the body contentt is different
header is same which consists of name & contact information
how do i add that in header & how do i make a common file for this header info which i can call in all reports wherever needed instead of dragging the fields in each report
Reena Jain replied to SVK N on 22-Mar-12 04:13 AM

I always do like this. Just have a try and let me know so i can help  further

  1. Open a client report definition (.rdlc) file in graphical design mode.

  2. On the Report menu, click Page Header or Page Footer. Page Header and Page Footer are toggle items on the Report menu. When enabled, a Page Header or Page Footer section appears on the design surface.

    Alternatively, right-click in the empty area outside of the design surface, and then click Page Header or Page Footer.

  3. Drag any of the following items from the Toolbox to the Page Header or Page Footer area:

    • Textbox

    • Line

    • Rectangle

    • Image

  4. Set properties on the Page Header or Page Footer to add borders, background images or colors, adjust width, or suppress headers or footers on the first page. To set these properties, right-click the Page Header or Page Footer area and select Properties.

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