Microsoft Access - report to pdf, A2007 - Asked By chaz d'chaz on 19-Mar-12 12:00 PM


Inherited a model 2000 db.  It sends reports to pdf, and all is sweetness and light in that regard - except: sometimes it hangs.

Among my tasks is to trim the fat and modernize the procedure if doing so would provide additional stablity and efficiency.

A cursory review of google on this topic suggests that it was a dark art until A2007, when apparently sending a report to pdf was something that MS decided it should support with 21st century methods.

The whole thing appears very acrane to me, being uninitiated as I am in the deeper secrets of ancient versions of Access, and it appears to be a fragile, capricious process.

Can someone please post or lead me to an overview of the process then and now?  Also, any caveats that should be heeded would be very helpful.
kalpana aparnathi replied to chaz d'chaz on 19-Mar-12 01:48 PM

PDF feature requires SP1 for A2007.

Here's a simple example:
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport,"rptFoo",acFormatPDF,"D:\Access\rptFoo.pdf

MSDN page for more details:

chaz d'chaz replied to kalpana aparnathi on 22-Mar-12 04:49 PM
I was hoping for a bit more of an exposition so I could decide on the best approach. I did try docmd.outputo but haven't really found it to be any advantage over simply opening the report with the default printer set to adobe.pdf.