Microsoft Excel - Filter options - Asked By Praveen Muthigi on 21-Mar-12 03:56 PM

Hi Team,

Can you help to know how to extract the data/product from a column A which has similar product name with different start dates and dates and with other informations in other coulmns.

Currently I'm extracting the data by using Filter option, this is taking a lot of time to get the final result.

Help me if any other option is available.

Donald Ross replied to Praveen Muthigi on 21-Mar-12 04:41 PM
Good Afternoon Praveen,

We would love to help you but I think we are going to need some more information to help you properly.
1.  When you say extract the data from colum A do you mean all the data?  or do you mean just some of the data based on the different dates.
2.  Where do you want to extract this data to?  Another sheet, a nother colum...
3. If you are using a filter to 'weed out' some of the data have you ever used a pivot table?
4. If you are able could you upload a sample of your sheet or book or just give us a better idea of what you want to do.

Thank you Don

Pichart Y. replied to Praveen Muthigi on 22-Mar-12 12:23 AM
Hi Praveen,

In quick I have 2 ways pop up in my head.

1) pivot table should be the first good solution in this case, but also depends a lot on your data structure.
2) use some kind of dynamic formula to pick the value.

Any way, both ways we need to see your data, as donald suggest you.
With your attachment, the answer will be more clear and accurate.

pichart Y