ASP.NET - how to upload and play vedios in

Asked By mani on 22-Mar-12 01:57 AM
hi anyone help me to upload and play vedio file in
D Company replied to mani on 22-Mar-12 02:04 AM
U can check with sample code given in library ,the library has this sample

or a comple sample. just drag and drop a fileupload control and a meadia player to play this

Reena Jain replied to mani on 22-Mar-12 04:09 AM

You can store the video file in folder and path in database, Becouse this files are huge. We always used to hire them in a special file directory. 
So you can use some players with some code pattern like that

There in the youtube I think they are using Video Engine to playing multy part videos. This is interesting with the image processing.